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The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office does not maintain a Vendor List. Due to the changing needs of our complex organization, we have decided to create this procedure for our Requests for Proposal(RFP) in an attempt to keep the playing field even amongst vendors. Once an RFP is published, if you wish to be notified of any addendums or changes, please fill out the below questionnaire and we will send you an email when they are added to the original RFP. It is the vendor’s responsibility to check our website often prior to submitting any RFP to the Commissioner’s Office to ensure the proposal has met the current specifications.

Current RFP's

Commissary Services

Bid 2015-04 Commissary Services

2015-04 Addendum #1

2015-04 Addendum #2

Commissary Item List

Keefe Contract

Bid 2015-003 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SE RTKH53

Bid 2015-005 USED HP SERVER

Bid 2015-006 2015 Inmate Telephone System for the Jasper County Detention Center -

2015-006 Addendum #1
2015-006 Addendum #2

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Archived RFP Projects

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